Who's Who


Owns the ship
The mysterious owner of the carnival, he issues edicts from his study located back in home base.


Commands the Ship. In this case he has final say in all things, at least while the ship is in space.
Andraimon Ianthe: The Capitan of the Drowned Swan, he took over from the previous Capitan after the ship was purchased for the show. He’s a tall and imposing man standing well over six feet. Well known for his quick and decisive action, he is one of the few people who has talked directly to the owner.

First Officer

Second in Command. Often in charge of boarding parties
Lidia Kameneve: The first mate of the “Drowned Swan”, a generally well tempered halfling, however she will not spare the lash. Her bright red hair is typically seen among the crew checking on moral, sometimes doling out vodka from her private reserve.


The Mage or Cleric currently linked to the helm. There maybe more that one on a ship
This position is variable and may be held by a PC.

Ship’s Mage

The highest ranking mage not involved in spelljamming
This position is variable and may be held by a PC.

Ship in Cleric

The highest ranking cleric no currently involved in spelljamming
This position is variable and may be held by a PC.

Ships Spellmaster

The Highest ranking spellcaster regardless of whos using the helm
Nonius Vatinius: An elvish summoner, well known for his eclectic pursuits, gathering lore from various spheres and planets. He has been. He works with some of the purveyors of magic in the carnival. Getting exotic lore.


Responsible for long range moment and tactics.
Kailahi: Illthid Served as the navigator during the last owner,


Responsible for maintaining supplies.
Numan Yucebs: Known as a maser wood crafter as well as as the quarter master

Chief of Security

In charge of making sure the ships rule s are followed. Keeping peace between the different groups within the ship itself.
Vangar: A towering elf tanned and tattooed. Recently joined the carnival. rumor say he took out an Orcish ship using only a bow and arrow.

Security Second

Second to Vangar, in charge of secirty dockside. In the play as well as the carnival.
One-Eyed Willie: A scraggly man, sporting an eye patch. Word is he used to be a big shot thief is a guild on some world before he crossed someone. Now he’s working the carnival circuit.

Master of Performances

In charge of organizing the Carnival folk and the actors.
Wiston Reisel III: A slightly mousy man formally the second to Aaron a halfling who was in charge of the performs for years. He’s in a bit over his head.

Other Crew

Rafael Galves: A second generation carnival folk, he’s always bee outspoken about the “poor treatment of us compared to the actors”. The last straw was with the half finished renovations to the ship forcing them to sleep in the cramped booths. which don’t quite get as fresh air.

Vermelle Rognoni: The Leading lady of The Harrowing of Princess Crispina, she is young, lovely, and talanted. Sadly she knows it, she is also demanding imptient, and by all accounts a hand full.

Who's Who

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