• High Concept: Hair trigger spellcaster (short fuse, etc)
  • Lizard Wizard (Lizards are not into being ‘weak’, so is touchy about wizard flaw)
  • Ship Duties: Ace the Arrogant Spelljammer
  • No one is sacred (she distrusts everyone initially until they prove they will not ridicule her)
  • Concentration
  • It’s all right in the end, even if it sucks. (basically a testimony to adaptability. She might not like how things turn out, but she learns to live with it.)


Ranks Skills
+3 Dimensions
+2 Athletics, Ranged weapons, Time
+1 Contacting, Element: Fire, Investigation, Endurance, Resolve, Resources


  • Create Portal
  • Duration Casting (can increase duration one step per shift)
  • Multicast (can effect one additional target per shift, do not have to declare before rolling)


Refresh: 7
Physical Stress: 4
Composure Stress: 6


  • Light armor
  • Short bow

Robin is awesome. :p


The Lizard Wizard is NOT someone’s familiar who stumbled upon a spellbook one day and suddenly zapped themselves bigger. Call her thus, and you will be fried. Call her weak, and you will be fried slower, so you can suffer. Zanzibar learned during her childhood culling over everyone she knew, that no one is sacred, and no one is above scrutiny. She is a walking ball of hair-triggered magick, and she knows it. She’s a very good spelljammer, and she knows it.

All that being said however, Zanzibar is immensely curious. Anything new or exciting, unseen or un-tasted is irresistible. She is young, and still angry from her poor treatment from her people. She is quite capable of the character growth necessary to become a balanced person someday.


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