Hatem Shishakli

A Noble Desert Warrior

  • Noble Skilled Desert Warrior
  • Dervish of the Lodge of the Burning Sands
  • Seeking Enlightenment
  • Devote of the Dexterous Dervish Dance
  • Man on the Streets
  • Protector of the Weak
Skills (15)
Rank Skills Total
+3 Good Melee 3
+2 Fair Athletics, Academics, Endurance 6
+1 Average Survival, Rapport, Resolve, Empathy, Art, 6


One high Concept: Noble Skilled Desert Warrior
Occupation: Dervish of the Lodge of the Burning Sands
Campaign Aspect: Seeking Enlightenment

Back Story:

Hatem was born to a wealthy Family in Faluit. He was not a strong boy, so he turned to scholarship instead. Among the stacks in the tower of Sight he discovered a reference to the lodge of the burning sands. A monastic order who practiced a unique fighting style that relied more almost purely on skill rather than on brute force. Young Hatem was ecstatic and packed a meager bag and using his knowledge he set out to find the lodge.

After many days he did found it, where he sat for three days at the door waiting admittance. Fortune has denied Hatem physical strength his spirit was fierce and strong. He trained at the lodge and did well being promoted to Dervish shortly before the incident. After which he asked and was given special dispensation to seek wisdom in the world.

Weak of body strong of Spirit.

Legend: Snakes, Why did it have to be Snakes

While making his way further north Hatem stopped in Falitte. while making arrangement’s to continue on his journey he was approached by a woman who’s daughter had gone missing. Hatem offered to help find her. This journey takes him through the streets and sewers of Falitte, and eventually into the machinations of the cult of the snake god.

Man on the Streets

Guest Star:

There was this tengu named suki down there speaking with the snake cult about a magic scroll. The atmosphere gets hostile when the snake people attempted to use the little girl as a sacrifice and we save the girl by jumping down a sewer pipe to get away because we were outnumbered.

Protector of the Weak

Hatem Shishakli

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