The Show Must Go On

Undead pirates!

Update 2 for Josh C.‘s Spelljammer : the Show Must Go On space fantasy miniseries, using Cubicle 7’s Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment (FATE) 3rd Ed.: Starblazer AdventuresLegends of Anglerre , Skype , and an online dice roller

At the Grand Show, a port shaped like a top hat floating in the Hysgeu sphere, the performers of “Le battant elephant” and the “Dragon Fly” workers join the crew of the huge Drowned Swan in preparing to depart for Prince Andru’s birthday celebration at the Rock of Bral. However, our heroes soon discover that not all is as it seems….

-" Oner Walek " [Gene D.]-male Wolfen sky pirate, romantic swashbuckler, prestidigitator and deck hand hailing from the " Vanished Lands " now aboard the Drowned Swan

-" Scylla " [Sara F.]-young female Amethyst Dragon fortuneteller, raised by Gypsies and devoted to protecting the weak

-" Samael Muckblood " [Geoffrey C.]-male Hill Dwarf hunter, sniper, and “bad cop” serving in ship’s security; has a steam-powered crossbow “Guinevere”

-" Zanzibar " [Robin H.]-female Lizard Wizard, pyromaniac mistress of time and space ( Spelljammer )

-" The Amazing Lorenzo Le May " [Byron V.O./absent]-male human Thief-Acrobat, juggler, and sometime cat burglar in “Le battant éléphant” circus troupe

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>>The crew and passengers of Drowned Swan spend one more night at the Grand Show before the massive vessel leaves port . After reporting to their superiors on crew complaints about a lack of space and poor treatment compared with the traveling carnival, Oner Walek and “the Amazing” Lorenzo Le May split up to avoid further notice.

Scylla buys tea and meditates. The dragon’s divination states that “On the seventh hour of the seventh day, a princess shall fall.” Unfortunately, she doesn’t know to whom the prophecy refers.

Samael Muckblood finishes securing his crossbow “Guinevere” and brings several kegs of liquor to hide beneath his bunk. However, the Dwarf runs into Lidia Kameneve, the Halfling first mate, who merely warns him not to get caught drunk on duty.

Zanzibar asks head mage Nonius Vatinius to borrow a book on dimensional magic. The Elf Summoner allows the Lizard Wizard to peruse the extensive library crammed into his cabin.

While Lorenzo resumes his cover by juggling, Oner tries to persuade Sam to help him explore the Drowned Swan ‘s sealed-off lower decks. The rustic hunter isn’t impressed by the Wolfen pirate’s smooth words, but he eventually agrees to assist.

As the ship casts off, Zanzibar tries to go to the top deck, but tall Capt. Andraimon Ianthe sends her below to the actors’ lounge. There, she again exchanges harsh words with diva Vermella Rogili. Sam disassembles, cleans, and reassembles Guinevere, while Oner watches the women with amusement.

Sometime later, Zanzibar climbs to the Spelljamming helm to relieve Nonius. She controls the mystical propulsion as the Drowned Swan approaches a crystal sphere with a massive black wall. The ship is then steered into the rainbow ocean of flammable phlogiston , also known as " the Flow ."

Insectoid Mario relieves Zanzibar in turn, and she goes to her quarters and is exasperated to find a note from Oner asking to meet. Zanzibar goes to the mess hall, where she finds the Wolfen about the decks trying again to engage laconic hunter Sam in conversation.

Oner asks Zanzibar to join him in spelunking through the Drowned Swan ‘s lower levels, since Vangar and One-Eyed Willie seemed uninterested in Rafael Galves’ grievances and were hiding deck plans. The Spelljammer is reluctant to defy the captain and Nonius, but Oner appeals to her sense of worth.

The covert team is complete when Scylla squeezes into the mess hall and joins, “as I foretold.” Oner stealthily leads the way to a hatch that has been boarded up. The onetime sky pirate warns his new companions to avoid the “Ship Mother,” a protective entity he stumbled upon in the “Garden of Delights.” Apparently, Zanzibar already knows about her.

Doughty Sam leads the way with his steam-powered crossbow, followed by Oner, whose keen nose and ears don’t complete negate his need for a jar of fireflies for light. Sardonic Zanzibar and stout Scylla bring up the rear.

Too late, the adventurers see that they have stepped across some magical wards. Sam cocks his weapon, and Oner hears moaning and shuffling. Scylla feels something rustle near her, but rather than decipher the runes, Zanzibar directs the party’s attention back topside, where an alarm is being raised.

The investigators beat a hasty retreat. Scylla and Oner reseal the hatch. Zanzibar and Sam go to the top deck, where they see the crew arming as a black ship circles the Drowned Swan . Zanzibar invokes her dimensional control to warp the enemy vessel, while Sam shoots quarrels at its main mast.

Oner dashes up and finds himself facing pale sailors with burning red eyes. He cuts down three of them with his cutlass as spells and other ammunition fly between the ships.

Scylla uses her draconic breath to put some of her foes to sleep before rending them limb from limb. Crewman Smitty identifies the Undead boarders as “souls of the damned” or zombies under the command of Capt. Blackheart, an escapee from Hell itself!

Sam shoots at the enemy commander who is taunting him from the Dark Heart of the Woods , per Oner’s recommendation. Zanzibar crushes the mast that Sam had weakened, and Scylla slaps the scurvy seamen with her tail.

Screams from a ledge below indicate that more boarders are attacking the actors’ quarters. Oner grabs a line from the rigging and swings down to the observation deck. As the Wolfen and other crew push the souls of the damned back, the Drowned Swan and Dark Heart disengage.

As they assess the damage and casualties, Zanzibar and a few crewmen report injuries….