The Show Must Go On

Fellow role-players, here are my notes for Session 4 of Josh C.‘s Spelljammer : " the Show Must Go On " space fantasy miniseries. We met on Sunday, 29 April 2012, and have been using Skype , Google+ , an online dice roller , and Cubicle 7’s Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment (FATE) 3rd Ed. Starblazer AdventuresLegends of Anglerre .

From the “Grand Show,” a port shaped like a top hat floating in the Hysgeu sphere, the performers of “Le battant elephant” and the “Dragon Fly” workers joined the crew of the Drowned Swan in preparing to depart for Prince Andru’s birthday celebration at the Rock of Bral. However, our heroes soon discovered that not all is as it seems ….

-" Oner Walek " [Gene D.]-male Wolfen sky pirate, romantic swashbuckler, prestidigitator and deck hand hailing from the " Vanished Lands " now aboard the Drowned Swan

-" Scylla " [Sara F.]-young female Amethyst Dragon fortuneteller, raised by Gypsies and devoted to protecting the weak

-" Samael Muckblood " [Geoffrey C.]-male Hill Dwarf hunter, sniper, and “bad cop” serving in ship’s security; has a steam-powered crossbow “Guinevere”

-" Zanzibar " [Robin H.]-female Lizard Wizard, pyromaniac mistress of time and space ( Spelljammer )

-" The Amazing Lorenzo Le May " [Byron V.O.]-male human Thief-Acrobat, juggler, and sometime cat burglar in " Le battant éléphant " circus troupe

Sorcerers apprentice fantasia

>>While crossing the plogiston and Wildspace, the ethernauts and circus performers had encountered Undead pirates . About halfway in a week’s journey to the Rock of Bral, the crew and passengers of the Drowned Swan find themselves entangled with magically animated rigging, mops, and buckets.

Vangar, the Wild Elf head of security , dresses down the group that defied orders and explored the massive ship’s inner decks . Oner tries to explain that he felt there was an imminent danger requiring investigation, while Scylla and Sam try to avoid eye contact. Vangar puts the wayward team on report, and he orders it to help the regular crew.

Zanzibar takes a journal she found to Nonius Vatinius at the Spelljamming section. The Elf Summoner grudgingly grants the Lizard Wizard permission to examine it in his cabin/library. Zanzibar soon confirms that the log belonged to a previous captain and a Necromancer, who had decided to use ghosts rather than living sailors.

Wily Oner tells Lorenzo that he still believes that answers to stopping the spirits and preventing potential mutinies lies below decks. Scylla tries to divine the future, which at first appears hazy. The dragon seer then has a vision of an onion with a purple light at its heart, bound by chains and a lock, no doubt a reference to the strange energies at the Drowned Swan ’s core.

Back on the top decks, doughty Sam struggles with a bucket as he tries to help the scared sailors. The Amazing Lorenzo Le May tries to pin down the moving mops and buckets. Oner then realizes that the ghosts are just trying to carry out regular shipboard duties.

The Wolfen on deck quickly checks with Lidia Kameneve, the Halfling first mate, and they agree to tell the regular crew to stand aside. Capt. Andraimon Ianthe, a tall human, orders his people to do other things for the time being while the spirits handle their tasks. Lorenzo juggles knives to entertain.

Scylla goes to Nonius’ cabin to compare notes with Zanzibar. The women agree that the only way to stop the ghostly crew is to find out more about the trapped energy at the center of the old vessel. They are soon joined by Lorenzo, Sam, and Oner, who recommends checking with the strange entity known as the “Ship Mother.”

The spelunkers visit the lush garden level, where food, air, and water are recycled. Instead of the talking tree, an attractive female humanoid emerges from the vegetation and introduces herself as the “Emissary.”

Speaking on behalf of the Ship Mother, the Emissary demands to know why the Druids who should be stationed in this deck are absent. Lorenzo observes that he hasn’t seen any divine or nature-based spellcasters aboard, but he and his companions promise to pass along her question to the captain.

The adventuring party goes to Winston Reisel III, who is in charge of the carnival. Zanzibar and Lorenzo tell the haggard man and Nonius about their findings thus far. Sam, Lorenzo, and Oner recall that some of the senior crew tried to hide deck plans when they first asked for permission to go below.

Zanzibar then boldly asks Capt. Ianthe for permission to go back to the previously sealed-off portions of the Drowned Swan. She notes the presence of “negative energy” and asks about the missing Druids. The imposing captain sends Sam to get Lidia.

Capt. Ianthe considers the reports and asks the Lizard Wizard and company to wait on further inquiries until they make port at the Rock of Bral in a few days. After Lidia relieves him at the helm, the captain angrily goes to the officers’ quarters to ask about the missing Druids. Oner suggests that Zanzibar, as an officer herself, follow to find out what happens….