A Halfling dressed in a red suit jacket and a large top hat steps on a podium and begins a well rehearsed spiel.

Welcome Friends gather round and witness the greatest show in the spheres. There’ll be adventure, excitement, intrigue and perhaps if you’re lucky a little romance. Our main attraction is of course The Harrowing of Princess Crispina.

A play in three parts detailing the tragic tale of Crispina, the daughter of an Elvish admiral. Who is kidnapped and sold into Neogi slavery. Will she escape? Will her true love Vasya, a Dwarven pirate find her? What of Cadman, a Holy Knight of Ptah, to whom she was promised in childhood. Will the god of hidden ways help his chosen warrior? Will Vasya’s nefarious friends be able to aid him? If plays aren’t to your taste we have diversion galore.

In addition to our main event we have four armed jugglers spinning maces laced with deadly poison. Skilled fire eaters who draw fantastic shapes in the air. We also feature The Daughters of Halkias an elvish dancing Troup performing folk dances dating back thousands of years. Wonderous amusement from all corners of wildspace. For those of you overburdened with coin we have valuables from spheres too wondrous to describe and too horrible to mention.

Perhaps you tire of your soft fleshy skin, or ever needed an extra hand, or finally get those wings you’ve been craving. We have Xixchil master flesh crafters on hand to meet your needs. Afraid that Illithid trader may not be on the level? Don’t follow him to a clandestine meeting unprepared. We sell the finest in black powder weaponry and we have a few Greek fire throwers for those of you who like to say it with burning pain. Perhaps a star map, for those of you who dream of seeing the spheres. Come one come all to witness the greatest show in the spheres

The Drowned Swan travelling show and carnival is making its way to The Rock of Bral for the Festival of Festivals, a week long carnival to celebrate the birthday of Prince Andru the leader of The Rock. Along the way the caravan must contend with attacks from demonic pirates, plagues, and those are just some of the external threats. From within the old foreman is sick and his second Lord Baldric of Thistle has taken over more of the day to day activities. With the change in management the carnival folk are complaining about poor treatment compared to the actors during the recent, and ongoing, construction.

This is a miniseries set in the world of SpellJammer a setting published by TSR in 1989. It is a fantasy take on space travel. Taking the metaphor of space as the ocean to a literal level. Your characters would be members of the Drowning Swan either a crew, actors or carnie folk, who would contend with the misadventures of the journey and the politics of the show.

This miniseries will use the Legends of Anglerre rules, a fantasy variation of the FATE system.. The SRD for Spirit of the Century, the pulp RPG that is the grandfather of Anglerre, may be found here http://www.faterpg.com/dl/sotc-srd.html. This miniseries would play out over 4-6 sessions including a character creation session.

The Show Must Go On

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